FORMEREIGNIS develops and revitalises real estate by enhancing its market value and suitability.

We develop real estate and urban structures by linking form, program and event within its analytical, creative and contextual means. With this connection, FORMEREIGNIS analyses and programs structures of use and user groups.

FORMEREIGNIS creates individual design and marketing solutions for each project.

In essence FORMEREIGNIS extends to vitalise real estate so as to increase market value and market share. We achieve this by developing a dynamic play between the architectural arrangement and what it evokes, or communicates for effective long term usage.

According to any budgetary needs, BFE can provide proposals for regentrification concepts which initiate creative long term usage and growth.

All phases of development including the realised results stem from the synthesis of analysis, communications, architecture, design, promotionals and marketing.

We transform spaces into brands.