Form, program and event are the tools in which FORMEREIGNIS employs to enhance the value of locations and products: from a location to an event, from a product to an experience.

This approach is multitude in manner. Product communication, real estate marketing and urbanistic considerations determine the format of design and implementation.

Today, the material object itself is only the starting point. The identifiable event / lifestyle experience determines the value and its equated capital success.

This approach extends to real estate and architecture.

With real estate and architecture, it is not just evaluated in terms of materiality and its functional efficiency. However, often at times it includes layers of experiences. FORMEREIGNIS constructs these experiences.

FORMEREIGNIS is a provider of creative, marketing, and multi medium services with an architectural and design discipline at its very core.

FORMEREIGNIS is able to supply these range of services by calling on our specialized teams and an international network of creative people from all lines of commerce.

We like all-embracing concepts, developments and evolutions. The acknowledgement of the complexity of all things is our driving motivation. Our goal is to network and create a connectivity between form, program and event. With a humble, all encompassing attitude we broaden our spectrum with the collaboration and strategic positioning of creative individuals from all lines of business.

This approach makes for unique content driven concepts, with highly relevant, rewarding results.